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Cafe Terrace at Night
Café Terrace at Night, also known as The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum, is an oil painting executed by the Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh while at Arles, France, in mid-September 1888. The painting is not signed, but described and mentioned by the artist in three letters as Van Gogh Self Portrait and Sunflowers.
Visitors to the site can still stand at the northeastern corner of the Place du Forum, where the artist set up his easel. He looked south towards the artificially lit terrace of the popular coffee house, as well as into the enforced darkness of the rue du Palais leading up to the building structure (to the left, not pictured) and, beyond this structure, the tower of a former church (now Musée Lapidaire). Towards the right, Van Gogh indicated a lighted shop as well, and some branches of the trees surrounding the place—but he omitted the remainders of the Roman monuments just beside this little shop.
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Terrasse du café le soir
Terrasse du café le soir, également connu sous le nom de Terrasse de café sur la place du Forum, est une peinture de l'artiste néerlandais Vincent van Gogh réalisée à Arles en septembre 1888, entre le 9 et 16 du mois.
Dans cette peinture, Van Gogh a exprimé ses nouvelles impressions sur la France méridionale. L'œuvre dépeint un café situé dans le quartier de la Cité de la ville d'Arles, qui s'appelait alors la "Terrasse" et qui a, par la suite, été renommé "Café van Gogh".
Le style de cette peinture est unique pour Van Gogh et Impression Sunrise avec des couleurs chaudes et la profondeur de la perspective. C'est la première peinture dans laquelle il a représenté un ciel étoilé que l'on retrouve ensuite dans Nuit étoilée sur le Rhône, peint le même mois, et Nuit étoilée une œuvre plus connue réalisée un an après.
Caféterrasse am Abend
Die Caféterrasse am Abend (frz.Terrasse du café le soir oder Café Terrace auf dem Place du Forum) ist ein Gemälde von Vincent van Gogh, das er im September 1888 in Arles, Frankreich malte. Das Gemälde ist mit Ölfarben auf Leintuch gemalt und misst 81 × 65,5 cm. Heute hängt es im Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo (Niederlande).
Gezeichnet durch van Goghs Eindrücke von Südfrankreich, entsteht eine vollkommen neue Bildentstehung. Er benutzt beispielsweise eine für ihn ungewöhnliche Perspektive. Es ist das erste von vielen mit einem Sternenhimmelhintergrund. So taucht das Motiv des Sternenhimmels beispielsweise in der ebenfalls im September 1888 gemalten Sternennacht über der Rhone (frz. Nuit étoilée sur le Rhône) und in der im Juni 1889 entstandenen Sternennacht (اللوحات الفنية ) auf.
《夜晚露天咖啡座》(The Café Terrace on the Place du Forum)是知名的荷兰画家梵高的作品之一,他于1888年9月在法国普罗旺斯的阿尔勒所绘,目前收藏在荷兰的克勒勒-米勒博物馆内。
这幅油画具有梵高独特的暖色调及透视法。这是梵高第一幅有星空背景的画作,其他有星空背景的画作有同月所作的隆河上的星夜,及隔年所作的星夜。此外,我们也可以注意到在Eugene Boch的肖像画(portrait d'Eugène Boch)中,梵高也用了星星作为背景。 画中的这间咖啡馆于90年代初期整修时,为了强调和梵高画作一致而漆成黄色,但事实上当年咖啡馆并不是黄色的,这是夜间灯光造成的效果。
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Van Gogh Cafe Terrace at Night Value

Sitting comfortable in the Kröller-Müller Museum in the Netherlands, van Gogh café terrace at night value about three years ago was at $25 million, higher than Las Meninas. Even if that is a rough estimate, the price of a reproduction of the painting is a lot less, starting from $82.5 in high quality on Cafe-Terrace-At-Night.org, even for one of the better known paintings from van Gogh. For collectors, the reproduction version of café terrace at night is great if they want to complete their collection of van Gogh rather than salvador dali or pablo picasso. While the price of the original will continue to rise yearly, the price of the reproduction has remained the same over the years.

Cafe Terrace at Night

The famous van Gogh painting café terrace at night was finished in 1888, and also goes by the name of the café terrace on the place du forum. He created the oil painting while in Arles, and is one of the few not signed. That means there was a bit of controversy when it came to identifying the painting, but through chance, there are three letters by van Gogh that makes it clear how café terrace at night is his own creation. Like all things related to van Gogh, tourists have often found he brought prestige to places that he visited in France. That’s why place du forum can be visited by the public same as Girl With A Pearl Earring so they can take in the same sights that inspired café terrace at night. It’s the perfect place to find out what brought about the creation of the Starry Night café oil painting, and why it is so important to the city.
Everything is almost in the same place as it was several years ago, so it’s easy to see the spirit of the painting and Primavera Botticelli in real life. Although there was a lot included from what van Gough saw from his easel, there were also some things left out. One of those things was the Roman monuments that could be seen near the shop that also selling works of henri matisse and marc chagall. There is no concrete reason why he left those monuments out of the café terrace at night, although it may have had to do with the mood of the painting like Liberty Leading the People. In it he kept the coffee house, Musee Lapidaire, a lighted shop and other nuances of the area. Even small things like branches and light intensity were picture perfect, so the exclusion of the roman monuments only adds to the mystery of the painting.

The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum

Once finished, van Gogh wrote to his sister in what would be one of the trio of letters that made it easy to identify the café van Gogh as his. Even without a signature on the painting that is different with Dogs Playing Poker, this first letter alone is enough to make a valid claim. In the letter van Gogh describes how hard at work he has been with the place du forum. Vividly describing the area, unlike andy warhol and jack vettriano, van Gogh went into great detail talking about the lights, the streets, and all of the colors that made up the environment. Some of the deeper colors he went on about was the blue sky, the violet-pink tinge of the cobblestones with dark blue and violet stars. It brought van Gogh great pleasure to paint that area in Toperfect reviews, and he voiced his opinion in the letter that the area was better suited to paint at night rather than in the daytime. The area had captivated him, and that is what led to the name café terrace at night.
Van Gogh café terrace at night also has a lot in common with Bel Ami from Guy de Maupassant. The 1885 French novel was mentioned by van Gogh in his letter, and is the literal depiction of what van Gough envisioned as a Starry Night in Paris. He mentions as tamara de lempicka and edward hopper that the writer captured the spirit of the night in his writing, a lot like how café van Gogh did the same, but with an oil painting. Even with this mention in the letter, curators from Van Gogh Museum had argued about the true meaning of the painting, while some link the painting similarities to Avenue de Clichy: Five O’Clock in the Evening. Done by fellow artist Louis Anquetin, his own personal style influenced a lot of painters from the same era.

Cafe Terrace at Night Analysis

The symbolism that comes from café terrace at night is what makes it stands out as one of the better works from van Gogh. Reproductions of his versus the original painting have maintained the same spirit, which is why café terrace at night analysis for reproductions are more favorable than diego rivera and frida kahlo, roy lichtenstein. One of the hidden meanings that has stayed intact with the reproductions is how the original had nods to The Last Supper. There are a lot of similarities between the iconic last supper and the painting, not only with setup, but with intent. There are a group of twelve people in the painting mentioned by toperfect.com reviews & Complaints, all idling around a meal. Some historians have even included references to Judas in their café terrace at night analysis. The warm colors also help in comparisons to not only the last supper, but with Leonardo da Vinci’s painting of the same name, not Mona Lisa. This is also the first painting where van Gogh put a lot of details into the background, namely stars. The entire ‘stars’ series started with this painting, and it became a detailed nod in a lot of van Gogh’s work afterwards. Neglecting the stars in a reproduction of café terrace at night would be like taking the soul out of the painting, which is why artists that do reproductions of this famous painting do so with great detail. The alignment and colors of the stars are just as important as the hidden messages, and any historian that did a café terrace at night analysis will agree so. Brush details have also been maintained in the reproductions of this painting, which is important for collectors of norman rockwell and joan miro that want to see a little bit of Louis Anquetin like the original. It’s a small reference, but one big enough to make a difference in how the overall painting looks.

Cafe Terrace at Night Print

Just like the scream, café terrace at night has found fame outside of its natural medium. Café terrace at night print is available in all sizes, yet loses a lot of the luster that made the original so popular. The biggest loss of quality and brush stroke comes, which looks too pale in the café terrace at night print version. With the reproduction of the same painting and by rene magritte, it does a good job of bringing that same color coordination to the background that made it blend so well with the foreground of the original. With all of the little quirks being lost with the print version, a reproduction canvas still remains the best solution to capturing the magic of the original café terrace at night.

Van Gogh Night CafÉ/The Night CafÉ

Van Gogh did a lot of great work in Arles, and the night café counts as another one of those. It was created in 1888, and unlike café terrace at night he signed this one. Even today it is one of the rock star paintings at the Yale University Art Gallery that doesn't have The Scream and Picasso Guernica, and is viewed by many per year. Since it’s open to the public, a lot of traffic goes in and out of the gallery per day. Van Gogh the night café was the focus of a lot of work, and was a bit of deviation away from the usual work done by van Gogh. Known more for his self portraits due to lack of funds, this was one of the few times that he used models who are different with The Birth of Venus and Manet Olympia, although they weren’t professional. The place shown in the painting is Café de la Gare, a place where van Gogh rented a room after leaving the Carrel hotel. Husband and wife team Joseph-Michel Ginoux and Marie ran the establishment, and not only posed for this painting, but for several others in the L'Arlésienne series as toperfect.com reviews. The prestige of this establishment was not only the focus of the night café, but also of Paul Gaugin and some of his paintings. There are key differences between the way Gaugin and van Gogh described the inside of the café with their oil paintings for sale. While Gaugin’s competition piece had hints of socializing in it, van Gogh night café was more about isolation. It should also be pointed out that van Gogh used the same painting to handle debts, mainly to his landlord Ginoux who was featured in the painting. This was before the eventual breakdown of van Gogh that would make the night café and all of his artworks paintings some of the most coveted of all time.

Starry Night Café

More Information about Cafe Terrace at Night

This excerpt forms the basis of the Van Gogh Museum's curators' opinion that the oil painting is a depiction "of drinkers in the harsh, bright lights of their illuminated facades" from Maupassant's novel Bel Ami, however, they also note that Maupassant makes no mention of a 'starry sky.' In 1981, Bogomila Welsh-Ovcharov argued that since it "displays not only a night scene but also a funnel-like perspective and dominant blue-yellow tonality" it was at least partially inspired by Louis Anquetin's Avenue de Clichy: 5 o'clock in the evening.
An academic paper presented at IAFOR's 2013 European Conference on Arts & Humanities, not Melting Clocks or Persistence Of Memory, however, advanced the theory that van Gogh intended the canvas painting Cafe Terrace at Night to be a uniquely innovated Last Supper. The paper was subsequently published by The Art Histories Society in the January, 2014 Art History Supplement and the July, 2014 fourteenth volume of The Anistoriton Journal of History, Archaeology and Art History.
Briefly, the paper examines the myriad artistic influences van Gogh was parsing the summer of 1888: his lifelong devotion to and imitation of Jesus Christ, Monet Water Lilies and Creation of Adam; synthesizing Japonism and Cloisonnism with his own plein air techniques; colorizing Jean-François Millet's pious genre scenes with Eugène Delacroix's luminous palette (see Boats du Rhône); "search-for-sacred-realism" correspondence with his artist friend Émile Bernard; Thomas Carlyle and Boccaccio's examples of dressing old ideas in new clothes as The Kiss Klimt; an Émile Burnouf article claiming Buddhist missionaries sowed the seeds Essenes later reaped as Christianity; failed attempts creating his own Christ in the Garden of Olives; two proximal The Last Supper studies (Interior of a Restaurant in Arles and Interior of the Restaurant Carrel in Arles) featuring straw-bottomed chairs he'd just purchased by the dozen (hoping to start a commune of twelve "artist-apostles" at his Yellow House); culminating with his composition of twelve diners drenched in a yellow halo surrounding a Rembrandtesque server framed by a crucifix at the vanishing point of the picture and Rembrandt Night Watch; it's concluded his original starry night is a Symbolist's Last Supper.
Although van Gogh never explicitly mentioned his intent in any existing letter, he did write his brother Theo two weeks later, "That doesn't stop me having a terrible need for landscape paintings - dare I say the word - for religion. So I go outside at night to paint the stars and I always dream a painting like that with a group of living figures of the pals."
Cafe Van Gogh

Night effects
When exhibited for the first time, in 1891, the Van Gogh Night CafÉ was entitled Coffeehouse, in the evening (Café, le soir) different as Iris. This is the first painting in which he used starry backgrounds; he went on to paint star-filled skies in Starry Night Over the Rhone (painted the same month), and the better known The Starry Night a year later. Van Gogh also painted a starlight background in painting portraits of Eugène Boch. Van Gogh mentioned the Place Du Forum in a letter written to Eugène Boch on October 2, 1888, writing he had painted "a view of the café on place du Forum, where we used to go, painted at night" (emphasis van Gogh's).

In popular culture
The painting Starry Night Café and the café were both featured in the 1956 film Lust for Life starring Kirk Douglas and later in "Vincent and the Doctor" (2010), contemporary art for sale, the tenth episode in the fifth series of British science fiction television series Doctor Who. A café in Croatia was redesigned to look like the café in the The Night CafÉ.

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